Civil Engineering

REVERIE started civil construction after a handful of success in various projects after the first two years. Reverie now holds possession of a few types of equipment for different construction and offers any kind of construction affiliated with Substation construction, Transmission Line construction, Power Plant construction, etc.

Geotechnical Investigation & Concrete Test

1. Sub-soil Investigation work which includes Standard Penetration Test, Field Density Test, Standard Proctor Test, Modified Proctor Test, Field Permeability Test etc.

2. REVERIE offers in-situ testing only. Laboratory tests generally carried out from reputed third party agency.

3. For concrete slump test and strength test, REVERIE has an in-house facility along with a field testing team.

Pile Construction & Pile Related Test

1. REVERIE offers Design, Construction and Consultancy for both Cast-in-situ & Pre-cast piling work.

2. REVERIE owns 8nos Piling Rig for Cast-in-situ piling work by Percussion method.

3. REVERIE also offers Cast-in-situ piling using Rotary method& Pre-cast piling work.

4. REVERIE offers Pile Integrity Test, Static Compressive Load Test, Static Tension Load Test & Lateral Load Test for both Cast-in-situ & Pre-cast piles.


1. REVERIE successfully completed 33 kV & 132 kV Substations including Land Development work.

2. REVERIE has expertise in Transmission Line construction along with various Power Plant structure construction.

3. REVERIE owns a few Volumetric Concrete Batching Machine and willing to purchase an Automatic Batching Plant with Transit Mixture very shortly.

Survey Work

1. REVERIE has developed a dedicated survey team to carry out various survey works in various sites.

2. REVERIE owns every kind of required equipment with updated calibration to carry out Topographic Survey work.

3. REVERIE has carried out Topographic Survey works on their own in several projects. REVERIE provide standard survey report by using AUTODESK Analyst software.

4. REVERIE provides As-built Drawing after completion of any project construction work.

Design & Consultancy

1. REVERIE offers both GIS and AIS Substation Design and consultancy, which includes 400 kV/230 kV/132 kV/33 kV substations.

2. REVERIE offers Transmission Line structural & foundation design and consultancy.

3. REVERIE offers any kind of Engineering services for substation renovation and extension works also.

4. REVERIE design team has expertise in any kind of Foundation Design.

5. REVERIE offers any kind of Construction Procedure affiliated with their work. REVERIE offers project scheduling before starting construction and co-ordinate with the same.

Civil Construction

Though Completed a Few Number of Jobs in Civil, REVERIE has invested to buy machineries and equipment for civil works. REVERIE is able to provide:

1. Sub-soil Investigation Work.

2. Pile Integrity Test& Pile Load Test.

3. Material Test, Slump Test and Compressive Strength Test of Concrete.

4. Complete Civil Design of Substation & Transmission Line.

5. Construction procedure and construction micro-schedule making.

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