High Voltage Substation Solution

Design, Engineering, Transportation, Civil, Installation, Testing And Commissioning Of Electrical Substation.

Substation Design

1. Site Survey and Single Line Diagram Design.
2. Layout Design.
3. Project Schedule and Creating Estimate.
4. Drawing and Requirement to Connect With Transmission Line.
5. Earthing/ Grounding System Design (IEEE-80).
6. Equipment Specification Check.

Substation Engineering

1. Fault Level Calculation.
2. Earth Resistivity Test and Calculation.
3. Step and Touch Voltage Calculation.
4. Cable Sizing Calculation.
5. CT, PT Sizing Calculation.
6. Relay Setting Calculation.
7. Secondary Scheme, Protection Scheme Design.
8. Cable Schedule.

Installation of Substation

1. Installation of Power Transformers, GIS, AIS, Panels Etc.
2. Installation Of Steel Structure With On Site Fabrication.
3. Cable Laying.
4. Cable Tray Installation and Fabrication.
5. Grounding System Installation.

Testing And Commissioning

With A Huge Number of Testing Equipment and Experts, REVERIE is fully capable to Test and Commission up to 400kV without Any Other Expert support. REVERIE provides-

1. Ratio, Polarity, Tan-Delta, Insulation Resistance, Winding Resistance, Polarity, Capacitance, Knee Point Voltage, Magnetic Balance Test.
2. Breaker Timing and Analyzing.
3. Transformer Oil Test.

Civil Construction

Though Completed a Few Number of Jobs in Civil, REVERIE has invested to buy machineries and equipment for civil Works. REVERIE is able to provide.

1. Sub-soil Investigation Work.
2. Pile Integrity Test & Pile Load Test.
3. Material Test, Slump Test and Compressive Strength Test of Concrete.
4. Complete Civil Design of Substation & Transmission Line Construction procedure and construction micro-schedule making.


REVERIE does not have their own transportation System. To provide a “one point” service, REVERIE Offers.
1. Customs Clearance of Equipment.
2. Inland Transportation of Equipment.
3. Loading and Unloading Services.
4. Shifting and Placing Large Transformers Into The Base.

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